Product Soucring.

Conntect with your ideal supplier.

Your cost is optimised from here on out.

Are you looking to increase your bottom line, and or are currently sourcing your goods/services from a company who is simply importing and re-selling, maybe you are currently sourcing from places like China, but are unhappy with service or product quality.

We will find or may already know the right production partner for your business, remove the language, cultural and communication barriers, to make international outsourcing, production and importing your goods/service, a profitable and less stressful experience.

Often finding a supplier is not the problem. There are manufacturers and suppliers for just about everything in China, finding the right supplier however is not so easy. Often you are never dealing with the factory, but a first or even second agent, all adding to the product cost.

ITPS procurement services cover not only traditional sourcing areas like China, but also Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the Middle East. Even partnering with manufacturers in market areas that your business wishes to trade in can be cost effective. Our specialty sourcing services include:

  • Product/Service Sourcing and Resourcing
  • Supplier Cost and Production Management
  • Quality Control
  • Logistics

See what we can do to your bottom line!